Fill Up My Asshole Daddy

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3,749 5.0
12:49 min - Dec 30 2015 - .MP4 - 512.05 MB


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kinkcap Feb 6

what more can i say WOW i love this

mistagl Aug 7 2016

You are one sexy mf.. ijs

megafauna May 1 2016
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Here's a fun experiement to try at home. Put on a pair of headphones, and hit 'play.' If you're not rock hard within 15 seconds of playing this video, you are a '6' on the Kinsey scale and 100% homosexual.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, go forth confident with this new self knowledge that you do not really like incredibly hot women calling you daddy and begging you to fill them with cum.

jreigns deleted - Top reviewer Jan 3 2016
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Wasn't sure exactly how she was going to do this role-play BUT VERY GOOD made me cum hard and she's sweet and encouraging and lays back when she peels down those panties. mmm damn. girl can deliver

LYON18555 - Top reviewer Sep 19
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Anal training puck, my little girl? No. No, I couldn't. Its wrong, its...its...wait did you say "daddy load into my asshole"? Well my walls of better judgment just crumbled faster the the Berlin wall, lets get to it!

kinkcap - Top reviewer Feb 6
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indescribable breathtakingly beautiful

mrgarbage Sep 17 2016
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Eva is obviously the queen of dirty talk. Very few people even come close. Her voice is perfect, and she's a great performer. It's obvious from even the preview that she's gorgeous, but she also has personality. I've found a new favorite.

MrSharp83 Apr 27 2016
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Eva could open a school, it could be a school to teach all other girls on manyvids how to talk dirty in roleplay vids. Epic as usual.

jacobjohnson Mar 17 2016
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I haven't even been able to get through half the vid. 10 out of 10 times watching this I have drained my balls. just buy it lol

DaddyPurv45 Feb 8 2016
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Your voice and asshole are perfect! Perfect Daddys Girl.!

alsleet777 - Top reviewer Dec 31 2015
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Filthy, nasty, sexy perfection.

_Watts Nov 22
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Ivanka's got nothing on Little Puck. Seriously love this woman.

i'm so happy you're teaching me how to fuck so i can be ready for all those horny boys at school, but i wanna try something new, Daddy...i want a huge messy Daddy load in my asshole! pretty please!" i wriggle around and show off for you and your cock stays deep in my ass almost the entire vid (i use a butt plug), play out riding your cock and i fuck my pussy.10 out of 10 times you watch this, you will drain your balls: i'm the naughtiest lil girl you ever did see. featuring pig tails, skirt & cotton panties, knee highs, butt plug, extremely filthy talk the entire time
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