Giantess Goddess Worship - HD

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Wow look at your tiny little self! You're so lucky I didn't crush you! You can only be the size of a bug?! Come here... Gosh you are small! I wonder if I would squash you if I put you in between my tits? Come on, get your ass in here. Haha are you suffocating in there? I could crush you right now and no one would be the wiser! Mmmm... I know! I'm going to put you in my panties... Do you think you can satisfy my pussy? What's it like in there? Is the smell overpowering for a little man like you? I can hardly feel anything. Come on, give me your best loser! Hmmm nope I still don't feel anything. Well what did I expect, you're just a tiny little moron! That's it... I am done with you. Time for you to go I think! Say goodbye to me and hello to the bottom of my shoe! - Lucy