Naughty School Girl Creamy Cum

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Salena Storm

American / USA
2,219 5.0
8:47 min - Dec 31 2015 - .MP4 - 221.19 MB


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Unknown19 deleted - Top reviewer Apr 17 2016
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"I'm in detention because I tried to suck off the Principal." These words will be in your head a long time after watching this video! Salena's in trouble for this naughty deed, & has to repeat this line several times, before the punishments escalate in scale.

Soon, she is spanking herself with a ruler, while wearing one of the cutest school girl outfits I've ever seen...minus any panties! She divides the spanks between both amazing cheeks, which alone, is enough to get your heart racing!

Finally, she finds out that she can go, but only after she makes herself cum! Although she mildly complains that she doesn't think this is what happens in detention, she eventually your utter delight!

With a glass dildo, she goes to work on her beautiful pussy, adjusting speed and camer angels, as instructed. It ends with a nice, creamy climax! Definitely one you don't wanna miss!

Aarons deleted - Top reviewer Jan 9 2016
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The opening line was hilarious. The spanking was hot.

watch me cream my way out of detention