Striping For You


Nikko Jordan

Japanese / Oregon
30:23 min - Dec 31 - .MP4 - 933.64 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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So I just went shopping and bought a bunch of new lingerie for you. I thought I'd try everything on so you could see how I look in all the outfits. There are 6 total outfits that I bought and want to try on. The first outfit I try on is a white lingerie set with a garter and stockings, the second outfit is a red one piece sexy lacy thing, the third outfit is a very sexy two-piece bra and panty set that shows off the sides of my boobs, the fourth outfit is a pink and black lacy bra and panty set with little bows as accents, the fifth one is black and pink with a peek-a-boo bra that shows my nipples and a peek-a-boo lacy underwear that slightly shows my pussy and the sixth outfit is a white dress with holes cut out in the back. I think you are going to love watching me strip out of each of these outfits for you and move my body to the beat of some music I picked out