BJ Tease

9,957 5.0


9,957 5.0
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Miiik9 Jan 16 2016
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Great video! She was great in this video. Really defined what a BJ Tease is like. Nothing better to see than a beautiful face simulating a BJ in front of your eyes.

clhorny Feb 8 2016
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This video is beyond great! Her tease is so fucking good... her smile, lips, tongue, hand and eyes... everything will make you want to cum so hard!! It took me a lot of patience to watch the whole video without finishing myself... I gotta give this video 5/5 Stars also it is worth the money, do not doubt it. I appreciate the video Nami (: ! You are like what people call the perfect girl least with being the sexy part haha!

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Jun 1 2016
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Definitely my favorite video from Nami. Her eyes are just so mesmerizing. <3

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