Bella First BJ

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9,291 5.0
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small1sh deleted Jan 20 2017

Looking good to me

Grey_Geist - Top reviewer Sep 14 2016
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This video is outright amazing. Bella is simply gorgeous as she provides oral pleasure with lovely eyes staring into the camera. She is allowed to move at her own pace, providing slow and sensual fellatio until the popshot nears and we get some brief face fucking into an oral creampie. Bella makes a spectacular mess of herself with the cum in her adorable reaction to the amount. I have no complaints with this purchase and strongly recommend it to fans of slower blowjobs.

adrax3 - Top reviewer Dec 20 2016
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I've always had a thing for Huma Abedin; so in my thoroughly positive fantasy based upon this clip, she's found a man who really seems like a genuinely sweet and loyal fellow who won't sext-cheat on her, and thus enables her boss to break the Glass Ceiling. I also adored the ending side view angle of L.B.'s man finishing in her mouth (so much better than old tired male POV; kudos to the both of you!), and the ensuing incredibly hot situation of L.B. not being able to hold all of her man's semen behind her lips! We don't need boring cookie-cutter professional porn stars to make what I might consider the best beej vid I've ever seen!

shifty71 - Top reviewer Jun 7 2016
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Fantastic first

This is my first on camera BJ. I am a little nervous and I laugh in it but overall I give great head, so im told ;) I use my eyes, staring at you as I suck your cock. I did not expect as big of a load as he puts out, and I end up drooling it all over my face and tits as I take my first load in my mouth. You can tell I am quite surprised! Definitely check out this BlowJob video