Taboo POV Mutual Masturbation With Mommy

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Mommy is sitting at the table and she calls you over and has you sit down for a talk. She is wearing glasses, a sexy dress, and black stockings and looking every bit the MILF that she is. Once you sit down she confronts you with the fact that she hears you masturbating all the time. She tells you this is normal and that she does it too, but last night she heard you call her name. So, she asks you if you fantasize about mommy while you jerk off. She starts to get a bit seductive and you can't help but to peak under the table at the now hot upskirt view mommy is offering you. Mommy asks if you think about her tits, her ass, and even her pussy. She then starts to masturbate as she pulls her panties to the side and confesses that sometimes she thinks of you while she masturbates. She imagines your big cock and even does more. She then gets a life like dildo and shows you how she wants to treat your cock. She starts sucking it and stroking it and then gets a very taboo idea. She wants to have a mutual masturbation session with you. She wants you to jerk off for her while she gives you some masturbation encouragement. So, she invites you into her bedroom and you follow. Once in the bedroom, mommy gets up on the bed and tells you to masturbate for her as she gets undressed. She then starts to fuck herself with the dildo as she gives you detailed dirty talk about how she would take your cock in her tight pussy. She continues the dirty talk and the masturbation encouragement and lets you know she is getting close to having an orgasm. She wants you to cum with mommy and she points right to her pussy as she tells you, and shows you where she wants your cumshot. Once you give her your cumload she gets up and shows off her ass and tells you that tomorrow she wants you to fuck mommy in the pussy and the asshole. She plays with her asshole a bit using the dildo and lets you know that there will be a lot more taboo fun to come. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Mommy and Son Fantasy, Upskirt, Masturbation Encouragement, Mutual Masturbation, Stockings, Dildo, Orgasm, Asshole Fetish, Glasses, Mommy JOI