Leather Ankle Sprain Crutches Practice

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Sexy blonde Brittany Lynn is wearing all leather and getting ready for a party she will throw at her house. As she is walking in her high heel leather boots and moving a chair she twists her ankle badly and falls to the ground. She is in obvious pain and states that both her ankle and knee are hurting her. She has definitely sprained them both and might even have something broken. Not knowing what to do she gets up to see if she can walk on the leg, but she can't as it is far too painful. She then sees that you have come in and she is glad to see you. She tells you what happened and takes her boot off to inspect the damage. She sees that her ankle is indeed swollen and she puts her boot back on. Luckily she has some crutches nearby and she decides to try and use them for help. She tries one crutch at first, but this does not prove to be much easier than no crutches at all. She again sits down to take her boot off and look at her ankle and it seems to only be getting worse. With that she decides to go for the second crutch. Once she has both crutches she starts to glide around the room with little trouble. Her ankle and knee are still in a tremendous amount of pain but she does not wish to call off her party. All she needs is some practice and she does so by going all over the place with her crutches. She impresses herself with how well she is doing on the crutches and loves the crutch click sound they make as she crutches along. With your help setting up and the help of her crutches to get her around, she will throw the best party yet. Included in this clip: Crutches, Leather Fetish, Leather, Boots, Leather Boots, Leather Pants, Crutch Click, Twisted Ankle, Sprained Ankle, Sprained Knee, Limping, Blondes, Brittany Lynn