Giantess Wife Show Mouth Tongue Eats You

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Your giantess wife has shrunken you down and is looking down at you. She talks about how long you've been married and assures you that she loves you, but she intends on eating you as she is simply to hungry to ignore her urges any longer. She picks you up and in an extreme close up view she opens her mouth wide so you can see exactly where she is going to place you. She is going to put you on the tip of her tongue and just let you slide down. She knows you'll try to grip on, but you will not be able to hold and you will go down her throat feet first. She sticks her giantess tongue way out too so you can see how slippery it looks. To you she knows she must come off as a bitch, but she is simply giving into her urges. She knows you will wiggle and squirm and that is actually part of her enjoyment. She can't wait to taste you and feel you squirming in her belly, as the two of you truly become one until she eliminates you later the next day. In the whole time she is taunting you, she really seems to be making herself more and more excited. She again opens her mouth super wide and shows you the place of your demise. She tells you she loves you and to get ready. With that she opens wide once more and in you go, ready to be eaten by your devoted and loving giantess wife. Included in this clip: Giantess, Vore, Wife Eats Shrunken Husband, Shrink Fetish, Close Up, Mouth Fetish, Tongue Fetish, Wife Eats You, POV, Giantess Wife