Eat Your Cum For My Boots



American / Seattle
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See these fabulous boots, how amazing they are? These boots are very special to me. I don't just wear them for anybody. It's a privilege to see me wear the boots. It's the ultimate honor. That's why I have decided that you need to do something special for me. You have to convince me that wearing these boots is not a waste of my time. You will have to swallow cum for me. That's right, you heard me. Every single drop of your cum that shoots out of your dick. Go ahead, get naked and start jerking. Come on, stroke for my boots. I know it makes you weak. Just looking at my boots will be enough to make you cum. I don't even have to take my leotard off, but I will. Because I want to. Go on, keep stroking for my boots and my hot naked body. Don't forget to collect all your cum so you can finish every last drop of it.