Blindfold and Please Me



American / Florida
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Abby's brother thought it would be funny to blindfold her, and give her a nice surprise. Pushing her on her back on the island in the kitchen, he starts off by kissing her vagina. She thinks she's just getting pleasured. Pleased, she moans and groans. He takes her panties off and licks her vagina to climax. When she thinks she's done, he pulls her off the counter, and onto her knees. He drops his pants but teases her with the thought of his dick. Using his finger to stroke her cheek and play with the inside of her mouth. He finally gives in and lets her start sucking and softly biting his cock and balls. He holds her head so she can't move and cums in her mouth. Surprised, she let it slowly dribble out of her mouth on her shirt and give him a surprised sarcastic look and laughs.