Spit and Piss Training: January JO Day11


Elena De Luca

American / NYC
5:40 min - Jan 11 - .MP4 - 196.53 MB - 854x480


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Being fully enslaved to me and being allowed to worship me for the goddess I am is not just about my fantastic curves. You also will be trained as a my spit and piss slave. You will be my toilet and my spittoon. Everything that comes from me will be your responsibility. As my toilet boy you lay beneath me and swallow my golden champagne straight from me, not spilling a single drop. As my spit slave you will swallow every drip I am kind enough to offer you.My spit will be your lube to jerk off and you main form of hydration. You will beg for it, and worship it. Enjoy, Elena De Luca