18 years old Hidori

7,546 4.3


7,546 4.3
27:53 min - Jan 04 - .MP4 - 108.85 MB - 320x240
ninjadickhero Apr 1 2016
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young and fun, a must for Hidori fans. yummy boobs and sweet creamy pussy

Titanictommy Jan 30 2016
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awesome vid! if you're a fan of miss Hidori or just beautiful girls in general you can't miss out on this one

wekthor Jul 31
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As a Hidori fan I would give it 5 stars but since I think reviews should be more or less objective I give it what it deserves in my opinion.

The quality is so-so, it's highly compressed AVI and taken from a (probably chaturbate?) stream, which means it's not really "story based" as we are used to now from Hidori.
Due to the nature if it being a cam rip (?) it's also not the usual high quality of production Hidori delivers now a days, but keep in mind, this is from when she first started, so I can forgive that. You do get to see Hidori playing with herself very thoroughly which is always a big plus :)

All in all, it's a video from "way back" when Hidori first started, so it's more of a novelty item to me as you get to witness a lady that is most definitely going places. (Proof: her over 90 top rated videos). So I just have had to have it. If you like Hidori and want to complete your collection, then go ahead, you will not regret your buy.

Hidori Nov 18

So rating 3 stars a video that you knew is bad quality ? I mean it says recorded camshow , what did you expect?

This is a video from back when I first started camming , 18 years old , just started college.You can see my young and sweet pussy and me playing with my first vibrator. Recorded cam show Enjoy