Chastity Striptease: January JO Day 14


Elena De Luca

American / NYC
5:33 min - Jan 14 - .MP4 - 156.79 MB


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I bet you would love it if I walked over there right now and used these keys to unlock you chastity device. I think I'll hold onto them instead. I think you have had enough orgasms for now. I would much rather watch you get all frustrated from pushing against the bars of that cage. I love hearing your desperate please for release when the swelling just gets to be too much. In fact let me give your dick a good reason to try to bust out. I am going to strip off this lingerie just out of your reach. Under this sheer robe you can already see I'm not wearing much. Just these vintage panties that show odd so much of my gorgeous ass, this bra that creates such full cleavage and these velvety soft Wolford thigh high stockings. Watch me remove each piece and tease you with these keys. You're Welcome, Elena De Luca