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Piper Kush

Canadian / Canada
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Looking for a way to kick start your hard on you were referred by your regular Doctor to see Dr. Kush. She's been informed about your situation and has a medical therapy to test your cocks performance under diffferent types of stimulation! She's professional but friendly as she gets you to drop you drawers while she rolls up her sleeves and slips on a pair of clear latex gloves. She pulls out your cock and administers several firmness and response tests, applying generous amounts of lube and friction. She even uses topless nudity as an erotic stimulant but can't seem to find any reason you shouldn't be able to maintain an erection while masturbating or intercourse with your wife... She determines whether increasing the amount of stimuli may cause erection loss by using an anal insertion technique. She continues to stroke your cock while putting two fingers in your ass and massaging your prostate with incredible results! You may need to keep seeing this Dr...