A Love Divided HD

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Piper Kush

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89 5.0
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polarmagick - Top reviewer Jan 9 2016
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A very well done reflection video. I loved all the kissing and caressing, those eyes from all angles are just beautiful. The only thing that would have made it better would have be standing mirror, just for the showing off of pipers curves, other than that, clip clap hand claps ^_^

Long passionate kisses, sweet touches, eye contact, licking... all the things there should be in a lesbian kiss...each twinned girl mirroring the other... looking at you in turn...looking at each other... so excited and wet they keep kissing, smiling and touching...pushing their breasts together, making them touch... longing for the other to be set free from her prison on the other side of the mirror. The twin in the mirror looks desperate for both of you... The sisters enjoy the time they have together.. beckoning you in as their sweet touches become more urgent, then fading as they touch yearning for a love they can't have... A love divided