Your Girlfriends Secret Diaper Fetish

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I think that I'm all alone when I lay down on the bed and start rubbing myself through my wet panties. Afraid of getting caught, I look around and quickly grab 2 diapers from underneath the pillow and take a nice deep breath into one of them. I start getting super horny so I put on a diaper, and it feels so good that I reach my hand down my diaper to touch my pussy while I inhale the scent of the other diaper. I start working myself into a horny frenzy when I think I hear something, and then I finally notice that you've been secretly watching me this whole time. I'm shocked and I'm so embarrassed! I start trying to explain myself, but then you tell me that you have a diaper fetish too, and I'm sooo relieved and happy. I'm so excited that you like diapers too! I hand you the other two diapers I have under the pillow so you can play with yourself too, and I'm so horny that I keep touching myself right away and love watching you enjoy the diapers with me. It makes my pussy so wet, and I show you how creamy it is. I make myself cum while wearing my diaper and I want you to cum with me, and it feels so good! I'm the luckiest girlfriend ever.