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Home Wrecker Fakes Condom Cums on Her

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Picking right up where she left off in ... Home Wrecker Cums to Ruin Hubby Reunion ... a hot blonde is one again on her bed and going through her pure. She is making sure she has everything ready and then calls her friend to tell her about how she is going with her husband to Vegas to renew their wedding vows. Her roommate has been unable to be the home wrecker he has been trying to be and her time living with him is almost over. Though, while she is still there she has been having sex with him as he is all but blackmailing her with a rent for sex deal. It quickly becomes apparent that her roommate is standing in the room and jerking off. She tries to give him upskirt shots to look at but he is not cumming. She wants to get him off as her husband is on the way, but he says he can't cum. She calls him up on the bed so she can jerk him off with a handjob and keeps talking on the phone as she does, even making fun of her roommate as she does. She hangs up with her friend and then calls her husband to see where he is and learns he is only a few minutes away. She motions to her roommate to hurry and when she hangs up she tells him he needs to get to it. She pulls her panties to the side and tells him look, but don't touch. He says he wants to fuck her and she has no choice. She knows he has her with his blackmail and she agrees to fuck him quickly, but says he has to wear a condom, which she pulls from her purse. He reluctantly agrees and as she is taking her panties off and calling her friend back he tosses the condom without her seeing. He then starts to fuck her in the spoon position and she has no clue that he is in his home wrecker mode again fucking her bareback. She keeps talking on the phone and motioning for him to finish up. He flips her on her back and fucks her, even putting her in the Folding Lawn Chair position. He finally gets close to his cumshot and then pulls out to complete his home wrecker plan. He cums all over her belly, pussy, and skirt just as her husband is beeping in on the phone. She keeps her poise the best she can and finds her husband is there and on his way upstairs to let himself in. She hangs up and chides her roommate. She hurries him out the door and then puts her panties back on covering the cum as best she can. She goes off humming Here Comes the Bride and hopes that her husband will not see the cum, which would make her home wrecker roommate get what he wants, which is her as a continues sex partner. Included in this clip: Home Wrecker, Blackmail Fantasy, Roommate, Cheating, Fucking While on Phone, Handjob, Panty Fetish, Upskirt, High Heels, Skirt, Blondes, Home wrecker Roommate, Cumshot, Folding Lawn Chair, Spoon Position