Balloon Hits a Glass Bottle



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I got a blue balloon as a present once. I gave it to my mom, and she inflated it for me. It was huge! I was soooo happy that I had such a big balloon! I played with it all of the time. I bounced it and balanced it; however, my favorite was to bat it around the house. One day when I was running around the house with the balloon, I batted it in all directions. Suddenly the balloon hit a glass bottle and fell to the floor and broke! It made a loud noise! I was so scared. I ran to my bedroom. As I peeked from my room, I saw my mom coming with a broom. She started to clean up the broken pieces of glass. She brought the balloon next to the broken pieces. She leaned down very calmly, took one of the pieces of glass, and started pushing it into the balloon until it popped. All scenes in the story are played out.