Taboo Blackmail Mommy Gets Son Cream Pie

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A smoking hot blonde MILF is in a princess Leia Slave-Girl costume and is chatting on the phone with her husband. He is away on a business trip and she is trying to reassure him that she is not going to the comic book convention without him, though by the looks of her outfit it is apparent she is. She gets off the phone and looks behind her where to her surprise her son has been watching and listening. He knows that she just lied and she says if he agrees not to tell his father she will give him whatever he wants. He uses this blackmail chip to his advantage. He tells her he wants a blow job and she quickly says no. However, he insists and since she knows how upset her husband would be she reluctantly agrees. He walks over and in his POV she starts in on the taboo blow job. The hot MILF starts to get into it. She says it is wrong, but she then asks if he likes it when mommy sucks his cock. She asks too how her cock sucking skills compare to the other girls that have sucked him off. After a bit he tells her he wants to fuck her. She again reluctantly agrees and they head off to the bedroom. Mommy gets up on the bed and flips up her costume skirt. Her son enters her from behind and starts to fuck her in doggystyle. Again she knows this is taboo and wrong, but it feels so right and she loves how big and thick her son's dick is. He continues to fuck her hard and does some titty squeezing on her big tits. She tells him not to cum on her costume, but rather inside mommy. She wants to finish up and then put panties on so she can get to her convention. He continues to pump away on his mommy until he shoots a hot load up inside her tight, wet cunt. He finally leaves the room and mommy sits back and lets the thick cream pie slowly drip out of her pussy. She is still amazed at what just took place, but she loved the taboo sex and ends being very happy with the taboo blackmail. With that, she gets off the bed to seek out some panties so she can be off to her convention fun. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Blackmail, Blow Job, Handjob, POV, Doggystyle, Cream Pie, Cum Inside Mommy, Taboo MILF, Mommy and Son Fantasy, Fuck Mommy, Cosplay, Blackmail Mommy, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing