1516B Post Binge Naptime


Dana Vixen

American / USA
5:47 min - Jan 11 - .MP4 - 84.70 MB


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Part 2 of 2! This clip is the aftermath of my Burger binge! Defeated by the double burgers, fries and nuggets my belly is swollen and BLOATED so tight and round that I can barely move! I collapse on the bed and roll around, struggling to get off my pants and the rest of my clothing so I can lay down and nap off the huuuuge pile of food I ate!I feel like a little piggy, having stuffed myself so well. At one point I struggle to get up from the bed and fail! But I am satisfied and know that if I just rest I can go back and finish off the chocolate pie and remainder of my fries. for customs or other inquiries, please email inkvixen42@ gmail