1316A Captured by the Fat Girl


Dana Vixen

American / USA
7:50 min - Jan 14 - .MP4 - 536.25 MB


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I've seen you...sneaking around. Trying to get glimpses of me from across the street, or even peeping through my window. Did you know that I have seen you, too? Oh yes, I have. All over town, and just in the last week IN my house. I knew those were your foot prints outside my window. Slacker. Falling asleep out there was a mistake. It gave me the opportunity to capture you. So now, here you are...tied up on my floor. Time to have my fun with you. Now you get to see me, in all the ways you wanted to but you just.cant.touch. Enjoy it...this is the last day on earth you have! I'll be disposing of you after you have seen me. Oh you want to live? Hmmm. Well, you'd have to cum without touching that dick. I know you can do it with your hands, but can you do it with your mind only, while looking on at me? It's the only way to save your life. Beg for it. I want to hear you through that gag. Bet you're rethinking this whole infatuation stalking bit, aren't you? MP4 1080p HD For customs, panties, inquiries or toys, please message me inkvixen42@ gmail