Strict JOI For Naughty Wankers


Maggie Green

American / USA
10:08 min - Jan 09 - .MP4 - 262.40 MB


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You're in the mood for some no nonsense, strict JOI and you've come to me for the ultimate release. I expect you to do as I say, I'll show you exactly how I want you to stroke that hard cock for me. Look at my beautiful tits and wank it even harder. You're such a naughty wanker, aren't you? I bend over and spread my tight ass, making you beg for me. Of course you won't cum until I allow it, after I tease you with my wet pussy and gorgeous body. I tell you over and over how I want that cock taken care of. When I'm ready for your load, you'll give it to me! This is a strict and stern JOI clip. Enjoy!