I Love Teasing You With My Lips

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1,034 5.0
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Yngvi Is a Louse Jul 24 2016

Aria, you have most gorgeous lips! your lips are so exquisite, do delicate, and they have perfect shape! Your gentle and beautiful tongue is so teasing!

Coffey83 deleted - Top reviewer Jan 15 2017
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Can only say that this video is sensual, a blowjob from aria looks like heaven on earth.

shamzam30 - Top reviewer Oct 17 2016
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I love teases like this, those lips are so sweet and sexy and soft looking, mmm, she sure can tease really good.

Yngvi Is a Louse - Top reviewer Jul 24 2016
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Aria Anderson is a very rare beauty! In this video she is teasing us with her most exquisite tongue and her gentle lips! Her tongue and lips are a dream of every man and woman! Her lips are so delicate, so gentle, and they have a perfect shape!

I can't stop teasing you! I can't wait to put your cock in my mouth, but first I want to sit on your lap and make you focus on my cute little pink tongue and my soft, full lips.