Crutches in Leather PVC Sprained Knee

10:05 min - Jan 10 - .MP4 - 290.70 MB


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A hot blonde in a leather jacket, leather skirt, and thigh high PVC boots is holding her crutches and happy she no longer has to use them. She sets them off to the side and then gets up on a stool to get something on the wall. She slips and falls and once more she hurts her knee and her ankle. She can't believe she has once again sprained, or broken them. She tries to get up and limp around on the now battered leg, but it is no use. She finally looks over to her crutches and decides she needs them once more. She limps over to them and starts to use them again, this time trying to get used to using them with the high heels on her PVC boots. She glides around the room and that great crutch click can be heard. She starts to get used to her crutches again in no time at all and she accepts that she will be on them once again. After a bit she stops trying to put weight on the bad knee and ankle and continues to crutch around. She is not happy to be using her crutches again so soon, but she is happy she had them when she needed them. Included in this clip: Crutches, Limping, Sprain, Sprained Ankle, Sprained Knee, Leather Fetish, Leather, Leather Jacket, Leather Skirt, PVC Boots, Thigh High Boots, Blondes, Handicap, Crutch Click, Crutch Glide, High Heel Boots