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You Want to Cum for Mommy's Pantyhose

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Honey, you can come out now. I know you've been hiding in my room waiting to get a peek of my sexy pantyhose. You are so silly... you really think your own mother doesn't notice what you've been up to? I know you are infatuated with me when I am wearing pantyhose... a mother knows these things! I know all about what you do at night... I know about the time you stole my worn hose and touched yourself with them... I know you want to touch yourself right now, don't you? It's ok sweetie, you don't have to keep these secrets from mommy. I want to make my sweet boy happy... I want to care for your every need... and if you need to touch yourself while mommy is wearing hose then I want you to feel comfortable enough to do it right here infront of me. Now be a good boy and play with yourself while mommy teases you in her sexy shiny pantyhose!

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