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Mommy's Sweaty Ass & Socks

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Hi honey! Mommy is back from the gym and I know you are going to be such a happy boy! I did an extra 20 minutes of ass work today just to be sure that mommy's ass and feet got super sweaty for her sweet boy. So... did you get your chores done like I asked? You did? Good boy, well I suppose it's time to get your treat then! Come over here and push your face into mommy's sweaty ass... inhale her scent... rub her sweaty ass all over your face. Good boy, now let me pull my thong down so you can lick the sweat from mommy's asshole. That's it, lick it all over, from the top of mommy's sweaty crack right down to the bottom. Mmmm... that's so yummy, isn't it? I see you have a boner now, that's ok, I expected that to happen. Why don't you come over here and worship mommy's sweaty socks while you touch yourself. That's it sweetie, smell mommy's sweaty socks and jerk your cock until you cum!

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