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Clinical Trial Has Disasterous Results

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Hello and thank you for participating in our clinical trial today. This is a very exciting trial indeed... we have manufactured a medicine that can increase the girth and length of the penis... drastically! We have seen some HUGE results from this trial. I bet you can't wait to get started! You look like you could use a little help in the penis department. So you are going to take these 2 tablets and they are very fast acting... we should see some results within a few moments. Swallow those down and let me know the minute you start feeling something. You feel them working? Good, good... lets watch and wait for the huge results you are about to receive! Oh yes, I see.... something... is happening... *gasp*! Oh my... oh this isn't good... this isn't good at all... this must be some kind of rare side effect... I've never seen this happen. Your penis... it is shrinking! It's getting smaller... oh my, it's almost microscopic now! It's so tiny! Can you even feel it anymore?! Sir, I understand that you are upset but there is really nothing I can do! It looks like our medicine has gave you a... baby dick! This is truly unfortunate but we must continue the trial so we can record the results. The next part of the trial is masturbation. You must masturbate and cum so we can make sure everything is still working like it should. Go ahead and begin. I'm quite sure you cannot masturbate the way you used to so you'll have to use 2 fingers and stroke your micro penis. To be honest, I'm surprised you can even masturbate at all, you have the tiniest dick I've ever seen!

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