The Unaware Giantess

Lady Morrigan

Romanian / Texas, USA
3:55 min - Jan 12 - .MP4 - 343.58 MB


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That's weird: I can't seem to find anyware my tiny slave. Since I shrunk him, he tries to hide in the most unexpected places. I really need him now, so I've kept searching for him for a long time. Oh, well, I will finish alone what I have to do...oh, wait, what's this on the floor, under my shoe? Apparently, the existence of my slave was tragically ended by my foot, while walking around, busy doing stuff. I think I will need a new slave... * 1920X1080; 3:55 min * This clip includes elements of: UNAWARE GIANTESS, HIGH HEELS, SHRUNKEN MAN, SHRINKING FETISH, TRANSFORMATION FANTASY, FOOT FETISH