Pregnancy diary: 32 weeks

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32 weeks and 4 days pregnant in this video. It's all getting scarily real - not long to go at all! Hope you're going to miss me when I'm gone (for 2-3 months, don't worry too much! Although I'll likely be uploading videos during that time!). In this video I talk about my 32 week midwife appointment and the checks she did then, about what happened at my first couples' antenatal class, my aches, pains and complaints. I tell you my current weight and we measure my circumference (going to need a boomerang soon to put on a belt, not that I have one that would fit or be comfortable!). I show you how furry my pussy is getting, how dark my pussy is with all the extra bloodflow in me (during pregnancy it increases by around 40% did you know!) and I show you a less glamorous side effect of pregnancy.