Imposed Male Orgasm Pay Back by Ex GF

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A groom to be, who is getting married in a couple hours time, is lying on his bed and resting. In walks a woman who plops herself onto his bed careful not to rouse him. Once on the bed she announces that she will be getting pay back from him as it turns out she is a jilted lover. She carefully takes his boxer shorts off and starts to stroke his cock. The handjob brings him to full attention and he tries to leave, but she quickly mounts him. It turns out that she is not only his ex lover, but she is also in his wedding as a bridesmaid. However, she is simply pretending to be friends with his fiance so she can exact out this pay back. Without using her hands, she slides his cock into her and he protests wildly. But, he is too weak to get her off him, which she makes fun of for. She rides and fucks his cock all while pinning him and even locking him in the Anaconda Armbar. He pleads with her to stop but she tells him she will get him to cum. She continues to belittle him saying she knows his fiance wants to get pregnant on her wedding night and that she will be sure his cock is worthless as she will get a imposed male orgasm out of him. After some more struggling on his part and some kissing at will on her part he can take it no longer. She gets the imposed male orgasm she is after and he is humiliated. However, the put down does not stop there. She quickly turns around and pins him with her legs, demanding he clean her now cum soaked pussy. She tells him to use mouthwash later so his new bride doesn't smell her pussy or his cum on his breath. She then straightens her dress and heads off to the wedding, laughing as she exits and leaving him a quivering pile of nothing. Included in this clip: Imposed Male Orgasm, FMO, Demanding Cumshot, Imposed Kissing, Imposed Pussy Eating, Pay Back, Femdom