BG5 1st Sex video with Billy 2250cc

30,750 4.7


American / GTA, ON, Canada
30,750 4.7
45:04 min - Jan 13 - .WMV - 1.56 GB


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JoWV09 Apr 23 2016

Kristi, this was an INSANE bg vid!

Sombrelame Jan 16 2016

i love it, hope you'll make another for...hum...for science ^^

Kristi_Lovett Feb 1 2016

You bet! I'm planning to post a new one tomorrow so keep an eye out!

BigBoobIntern Jan 13 2016

Hoping I get money for my birthday. I want this one...

Kristi_Lovett Jan 16 2016

Wish granted ;) HBD Patrik

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Finally I got it!!! Dreams become true!

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I love Kristi she Is just hot and she knows what to do with a dick and her big tits

dmoriarty Jan 17 2016
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A fantastic first full hardcore Boy Girl video Kristi! Worth every single penny! Great chemistry between you and Billy and I could tell you really enjoyed doing the video. Absolutely cannot wait for your next Boy-Girl vid!

My first sex video ever!!! Enjoy as I get eaten out the fucked then I suck cock and tittyfuck then I get fucked all over again. I came like 8 times. It was awesome. Some kinky slapping too. :P Finally he cums inside my pussy then we cuddle up and get ready to play video games