BG5 1st Sex video with Billy 2250cc

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American / GTA, ON, Canada
31,707 4.8
45:04 min - Jan 13 - .WMV - 1.56 GB - 1440x1080 HD


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JoWV09 Apr 23 2016

Kristi, this was an INSANE bg vid!

Sombrelame Jan 16 2016

i love it, hope you'll make another for...hum...for science ^^

Kristi_Lovett Feb 1 2016

You bet! I'm planning to post a new one tomorrow so keep an eye out!

BigBoobIntern Jan 13 2016

Hoping I get money for my birthday. I want this one...

Kristi_Lovett Jan 16 2016

Wish granted ;) HBD Patrik

pinzk2012 Feb 17 2017
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Finally I got it!!! Dreams become true!

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Bought this video 2 years ago. Still watching to this day. She is beyond sensual and erotic. Her facial expressions, moans, absolutely breathtaking. She gets choked and slapped multiple times in the most hottest way. Her red lingerie is pure fire. Definitely a must have.

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I love Kristi she Is just hot and she knows what to do with a dick and her big tits

dmoriarty Jan 17 2016
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A fantastic first full hardcore Boy Girl video Kristi! Worth every single penny! Great chemistry between you and Billy and I could tell you really enjoyed doing the video. Absolutely cannot wait for your next Boy-Girl vid!

My first sex video ever!!! Enjoy as I get eaten out the fucked then I suck cock and tittyfuck then I get fucked all over again. I came like 8 times. It was awesome. Some kinky slapping too. :P Finally he cums inside my pussy then we cuddle up and get ready to play video games