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Addicted to Smelly Asshole

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CUSTOM VIDEO REQUEST:Category - asshole sniffing/smelling fetish only. HD720P quality or higher. Dress - makeup and hair done like all of your most recent clips. Pink g-string or skimpy thong with pink bra. Scenario - You just got home from the club after dancing all night. You know I'm still and how badly I want to sniff your asshole and jerk off to the scent. You also just took a sh*t once you got home, and know how much I love that even more because you know how much of an ass stink fetish I have. Tell me things like "sniff my stinky asshole" and "sniff my sh*t hole" "I know you love smelling my sh*t and stinky ass"Show your face and ass during most or all dialogue. At the end I want you to lay on your back, spread your legs, and spread your ass telling me to sniff your asshole while I jerk off. (Have camera show your face and spread ass/legs during this clip) Then touch your asshole with your fingers and bring your fingers towards the camera telling me to smell your fingers while I jerk off. (Touching your asshole and telling me to smell your fingers throughout the clip would be amazing) Tell me to cum to the smell of your asshole. Lot's of ass spreading so I can see parts of your asshole if possible!

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