Leigh Boob Worship FT Lady Nina Leigh


Lindsey Leigh

American / Colorado
8:05 min - Jan 14 - .MP4 - 113.95 MB - 1280x720 HD


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You're dream has finally come true. No more split screen to see both of your favorite "Leighs". You finally have us both on the same screen. You're senses must be going crazy. Two sets of hot tits pressed right up to your screen. Jerk to our gorgeous bodies exactly how we tell you. How long do you think you will last? A minute maybe two? Keep jerking to us and falling further and further into our trap for you. You know you could never have two perky tits in your face if you didn't pay so thats what you are going to do. Pay your goddesses. Pay for the privilege of us using your cock. Allowing you to jerk it until it is raw and you are penniless. 10..9..8, what do you think has he paid enough?