Smelly Asshole 2


Lindsey Leigh

American / Colorado
12:08 min - Jan 19 - .MP4 - 143.86 MB


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Custom Clip- Outfit: Bikini (skimpy black & green pot leaf one) that you wore in "Boot Edging Series 5" and "Smoking Hot Bikini" stoner clip. Resolution: Ultra HD 1920p Camera angle: showing face and body during most or all dialogue. Addicted to smelly asshole #2 sequel from my last custom. Tell me how much I loved my last custom clip and how I cant get enough of it and smelling your asshole You then squat sitting down spreading your legs and rub your asshole. Wanna know what my asshole smells like today Greg? Here let me finger it so you can see "If you were to smell my finger right now you would cum everywhere (bring finger closer to camera)…."jk! you cant smell it yet…you haven't deserved the honor…….First i have to fart in your face. Bring butt to camera. Can you smell anything yet?" Bring your ass extremely close to the camera and spread your ass cheeks over and over for a while, and really have the bikini string stretch as you instruct me to smell more Then get on your back and spread your legs pulling your legs to the back of your head. Spread your ass cheeks again Rub your asshole then bring your finger close to the camera…Discuss in your words the scent/aroma…..Tell me your thoughts on this fetish…Tell me your going to to sh*t in front of me while still spreading your legs telling me to cum to the smell