Oiling Myself Up

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3,916 5.0
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Cumadrin - Top reviewer Oct 12 2017
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Aura's body is exquisite, and watching her oil herself up and show off all her beautiful curves is a treat well worth the money. When I watch this video sometimes I can't help but just go into a sort of trance as I watch her hands explore and rub the oil all over.

jarya5 - Top reviewer Dec 10 2017
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Beautiful video of Aura oiling up her body, giving amazing closeups of her tits, ass, and hairy pussy.

gewicht Oct 2 2017
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Incredibly sexy and covered in oil. Definitely worthwhile.

BrandonEvers Feb 22 2017
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This video is so well done. The lighting and music sets the mood perfectly. Not only is this video a great price, but it's well worth it. You can tell how much effort and care went into making this. It's so beautifully done. Buy this video, you won't be disappointed.

Kundalini121 - Top reviewer Jan 26 2016
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You are so beautiful and have an amazing body :) Gotta love oily boobies :D

I lather myself in oil, and run my hands all over my sexy slick body
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