Freebie Tuesday

FIRST TIMER Pixie Pandora Masturbates


Mikhail Grey

American / California
6:22 min - Jan 15 - .MP4 - 345.42 MB


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FIRST TIMER! VIDEO VIRGIN in her first and ONLY scene! Another Mikhail Grey exclusive, another Mikhail Grey discovery. :) According to her, her boyfriend at the time was none too pleased after she told him she had shot a porno, and thus ended her career in porn. What a shame, because Pixie Pandora is a natural in this scene, the first part of this shoot. I guess her porn name is also her roller derby name. She could have been a star! You can clearly hear how wet her pussy is when she fingers herself, and I'm not exaggerating when I say she has one of the best asses I have seen in my entire life. Must have been all that roller skating. She's very verbal too, and talks as dirty and with a breathy sensuality as convincingly as even the most seasoned pornstars. Unfortunately I wasn't Talent Tested at the time, so I couldn't fuck her brains out, which I'll regret forever, but she's so fucking hot that that's ok and watching her get herself get off is totally satisfying. This is part 1 of the whole shoot. Enjoy! -Mikhail Grey