FIRST TIMER Pixie Pandora Fingerblasted


Mikhail Grey

American / California
16:28 min - Jan 15 - .MP4 - 690.85 MB


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FIRST TIMER! VIDEO VIRGIN in her first and ONLY scene! Another Mikhail Grey exclusive, another Mikhail Grey discovery. According to her, her boyfriend at the time was none too pleased after she told him she had shot a porno, and thus ended her career in porn. What a shame, because Pixie Pandora is a natural in this scene, the second part of this shoot. I get a little more involved in this one, with some POV fingerblasting, titty sucking, spanking, etc. Pixie Pandora is a natural with an out of this world ass. We were planning to shoot a gangbang after this shoot, so there's lots of talk about that and she is obviously excited and eager to shoot it, with plenty of verbal description of what she's planning on doing at that gangbang. It sadly never happened but her description of what she's going to do with 6 big hard cocks is not to be missed. Ass lovers shouldn't pass this one up. Enjoy! -Mikhail Grey