Maja meets Alice Clip Compilation No 1


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
22:40 min - Jan 15 - .MP4 - 1.11 GB


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This is a compilation of the best scenes of 4 amazing clips with big boobs star Alice 85JJ. M-cup Maja now meets the legendary 85 JJ Alice, with the cutest smile of Europe. By the way, we believe that these girls are far bigger than JJ! The shooting results in an abundant feast of sweatermeat, wobbling and quivering, soft and simply huge! Looking at them together makes us have one single wish, be there too and d r o w n in those humongous mounds of titflesh The first scene shows an interview with Alice. Alice is such a sweet and open person, it's a pleasure for Maja to do a big boob gossip with her. To give you a first impression of all the beautiful forthcoming clips, Maja and Alice will help each other to open their bras and perform a little jiggle show. In the second scene Alice and Maja are dancing, bouncing and teasing in their black and red bra in the warm summer sun. Seems like Maja and Alice had a lot of fun, exhibiting their giant natural breasts, jiggling synchronously to the music and turning the camera man's head. The third scene: Drop Out is something all natural gifted ladies are asked to do, when they play with Maja. Alice of course delivers a great performance, making her enormous breasts drop out of a small white bra to ring the bells. You can tell how heavy these macromastic tits are just from the way they are pulled down by gravity. In the last scene of this amazing compilation the two goddesses in black dresses with naked giant natural boobs lay down side by side and perform a slow motion back jiggle show that will drive boob fans crazy everywhere. Are you one of those, who dream of sinking deeply in these soft mountains, getting lost between all four of them? Alices breasts look so incredibly huge, you wont believe your eyes