My Big Sisters Balloon



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The video starts with me inflating a big red balloon. One time my big sister came home with an uninflated red balloon that she got as a present. She didn't like balloons so much. She used to pop any balloons that she got. The balloon was very big, and she knew that I was anxious to play with it, so she decided to tease me with it. As soon as she tied it, she looked at it and said, "I'm not sure that I like it." She grabbed a pencil and started to push it into the balloon. I covered my ears and closed my eyes. She started laughing. She said, "I am just teasing you." She batted the balloon to me and we both played with it for a while. She then grabbed the balloon, and said she had enough and she was going to pop it. She took a scissors and was about to pop it. Again, I covered my ears and again, she laughed. She put the scissors back and batted the balloon towards me and kept playing with me. Then she went away for a few seconds, and came back with a pin. She told me to give her the balloon. I hugged the balloon and said, "Nooooo..." She took the balloon, put it on the sofa, and faked stabbing the balloon with the pin. I freaked out again, and she laughed. She said, "I will tell you what... if you can take the balloon from me, it's yours!" She started bouncing the balloon high in the air. She was taller than me so as much as I jumped, I couldn't reach it. She had fun watching me try though. Want to know what happens to the balloon? Watch the clip to find out. :-)
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