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Look at you just staring at my perfect tits. You love my body; you can’t get enough! Guess what loser you don’t get to look at my body, you are going to be a foot bitch! You just get to stare at these toes of mine. That’s right bitch, worship them like they deserve. Lick on these sweaty toes of mine, good bitch. Stop looking at my tits loser! Get the fuck back on the floor and worship these feet! You should enjoy this privilege of being able to worship these feet of mine. God damn it loser did I say you could look up? NO! I DIDN’T! Get down there loser! I’m not going to make this easy for you, not one bit. If you want my attention today, you are going to worship these feet. This makes you feel extra weak doesn’t it, being compelled to worship my feet when it’s my boobs and ass you love. Now start jerking to these feet bitch! Good now come take a nice big sniff and lick those toes clean one by one. Good bitch, well I’m bored with you now! - Lucy