Nurse Layla Price Messy Facial

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390 5.0
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Lovetron16 - Top reviewer Nov 5 2016
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Layla looks so damn hot in this scene as a nurse! I also love how she's a little tamer than usual here, as I think it's due to this being very early in her career. NaughtyBoy always seems to capture the girl's natural persona, and style, which is what I love so much about his videos. This is actually the ending to the full scene, which you can find on his site. It is a great oral finish with big cum shot that Layla takes in her mouth and on her face. Although the real Layla comes out in the end as she spits the cum out of her mouth and back onto his dick; lol! Today she'd have swallowed that load without hesitation...

Sexy hot blonde Nurse Layla Price stops by to take care of a fat cock and cause a big explosion in this video! This is the end of a full sex scene I did with Layla and captures her awesome BJ skills that you will see as soon as the video starts. There is a pause in the BJ action as we check out Nurse Layla's awesome ass, which is so round and juicy; big and bouncy! Nurse Layla teases me with that ass of hers for a while before we go back to her wonderful oral skills, and she sucks me so good that I eventually explode with one of my comeback shots, meaning the first burst comes back and goes into the camera screen. Our good, or should I say, bad..., nurse, is a bit nastier then most girls I shoot, and that shows in this video. Enjoy!