Giantess swallows you whole


AJ Jupiter

American / California
10:06 min - Jan 16 - .MP4 - 735.18 MB


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The sexy giantess AJ as tiny you in her grasp. You're only about the size of her little finger, and she loves it. She gently teases you, talking about all the ways she could use her mouth to end your life. She places your delicate little neck under her canine teeth, pressing down slightly. That's all it would take... Or maybe she could drown you in her spit instead? She pushes you into her mouth, then pulls you out and drips big dollops of drool across your face. Hard to breathe, isn't it? Maybe she'll suffocate you in her mouth after all. She knows exactly how to torture you for hours on end. But that's not what she wants ultimately. She just wants to swallow you whole. Your whole world goes dark and she pushes her wide open mouth over your head, chest, hips, feet...