Freebie Tuesday

Mom wakes you up with her hand and mouth

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AJ Jupiter

American / California
903 5.0
9:57 min - Jan 18 - .WMV - 571.52 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Oh, guys your age are always in bed! Get up, you promised me you'd swim in our new pool this morning! Wake up! Ha, this isn't working well is it. Maybe I should wake you up how I wake up your father...? I just give him a little attention, that's all. Let me see under the blanket. Come on, let me see. Oooh. So young and virile, rock hard in the morning. I love it. Let me just give you a little release with my hand. There you go. Let your mom do all the pumping, you just lay back and relax. Dad's gone for two more days, and this can be our little secret ok? Do you mind if I use my mouth...?