Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Cum for My Feet



9:48 min - Jan 16 - .WMV - 378.21 MB


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Clip Request- a jerk off encouragement type solo scene where you basically act like you are a secretary and your boss is in front of you. You could command him to jerk off to your feet in pantyhose while you lightly kick him in his balls and tell him that you could really cause him serious pain with just your toes if you kicked him. Also say that you could make his balls shrink and lower his sperm count with just how hard your foot kick is. Also give him a cum countdown and threaten to kick his balls and shrink them if he doesn't shoot a big load. Lastly, while encouraging him to jerk off on your pantyhosed feet tell stories about how you've hurt guys balls with your feet and made it so their balls shrunk and they are no longer able to produce sperm.