Loser 4 Life

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kendo84 Jan 17 2016

Wow that's pretty harsh dont ya think? What am I saying.....? Fuckin ya right, who am I kidding? Woman like you who think like there shit dont stink, really do smell the worst. You just can't seem to smell it. Why do you think you get all these bottom feeding, thirsty, basic, simpletons that you claim to humiliate and call them losers, well....guess what? Like minded individuals seem to attract. So keep it up there, sounds like its working out amazingly for you like that's something to be proud of. Like really? Wow...have fun n enjoy.

I love telling all My friends how I make thousands off losers like you. I tell them how you pay to watch clips of Me laughing at you and calling you a loser to your face! You're a jerk off addict for beautiful women who can care less about you. You can't get a girlfriend like Me therefore you jerk off to beautiful women online who use you with no remorse. You might dream of being with a women like Me but that will Never happen. I wouldn't acknowledge you in real life unless you handed me your wallet. You're not a real man. I make you pay Me to laugh at you if you want My attention. The only thing you provide in my life is a good laugh or a good wallet fuck. But there's something about a mean arrogant bratty beautiful girl that turns you on loser..... LOL.