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That was a good workout. Well done. Ok now take this.. Oh it's just a protein pill which will help with muscle growth. I know much much you want to bulk up! Oops, just kidding. I lied. It's actually a shrinking pill! Why? Because I am sick of you. You are just a little wimp and you are so boring. I just wanted to humiliate you more, so here we are. You're a creep. A pathetic little loser. How do you think I should crush you today huh? Oh yes, I want you gone for good. I could crush you in between my biceps or maybe with my perfect plump ass? Well this is what happens when losers like you piss me off! I guess you perved on the wrong girl! Come sniff these stinky trainers. I bet they are so gross to you since you're so little! Haha what a tiny little loser! Hmm... I think I'm done with you now. Goodbye! - Maxie