Belly Button play with Veronica Chaos



American / Florida
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Quin and Veronica has been internet friends for a while and finally last year at the AVN awards in Vegas, they were able to meet up. Both of these girls are known for their love of creating weird boners and finding all sorts of outrageous things sexy. Quin introduces Veronica to something even she has never experienced, navel stimulation! Quin pushes her back and shows her all of the pleasures that one can have when the little hole is properly licked, fingered and tongue fucked. Veronica Chaos is amazed that she has never tried this before and she wants to please Quin the same way. Quin's belly button such a slut and enjoys every second of Veronica's attentions. BELLY BUTTON FETISH - BLONDE - EYE GLASSES - BELLY SOUNDS - SPITTING - LICKING - BODY WORSHIP - BRUNETTE - PIGTAILS - TOPLESS Featuring Veronica Chaos and Miss Quin