Fetish Friday

Foot Smelling Valentine



American / Florida
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Jason does not have much money to treat his girlfriend for Valentine's Day, he was able to buy her a stuffed toy . He tells her that he loves her and gives her the toy, Quin is disgusted by the gift and dumps him. "You're pathetic!" Quin has a secret she's been meaning to share with him, she calls into the room her new girlfriend. "I'm not into men anymore," Quin says and happily kisses her girlfriend. Jason is hurt badly, but to add insult to his already breaking heart, Quin's girlfriend gives her an expensive phone as a Valentine's gift much better than a stupid stuffed toy. He will do anything to stay in Quin's life! Quin has an idea, he can stay in her life if he becomes their foot smelling bitch boy! She knows that Jason hates feet but he's so desperate to stay in her life that he will endure the stinky feet in his face. Quin and her new girlfriend laugh at him for being so pathetic, making him sniff their sweaty feet. FOOT SMELLING - HIGH HEELS - LESBIAN DOMINATION - HOLIDAY CLIP - STINKY FEET - FOOT SLAVE TRAINING Featuring Raquel Roper , Jason Ninja and Miss Quin