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Custom video For the video, where I said "and then cum in a glass before we start (or at the start with a countdown)", I would prefer if it was the first ~4-5 mins with a countdown to get me to cum rather than before it starts ^^ (As you tell me whats going to happen and how I'm going to eat it all before I cum a second time so I don't chicken out as soon as I cum, and after I cum for the second time I've already eaten the first load so theres no reason to stop now...). would be fun to maybe use some of the cum as lube for my plug, and playing with any precum....some flashes of your beautiful breasts during your teases would also be amazing, the longer the video the better - more time to tease and edge :D. Any surprises you want to add are fine too :)." Want to direct your own porn video? Shoot me an email of what you have in mind.